Free smartphone rental service

FREE smartphone rental service

"handy" provides hotel guests with free, unlimited access to local and international phone calls, the internets, and a variety of other features.

Features for Guest

Features for Guest
  • 01

    Unlimited and FREE local calls

    Guests can make unlimited phone calls in Japan local, as well as calls to other guestrooms and extension lines.

  • 02

    FREE international calls

    Guests can make unlimited overseas phone calls to designated areas.

  • 03

    Unlimited and FREE internet access

    Guests have unlimited internet access without any need to use roaming services or connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots, even when they are out and about.

  • 04

    Multilingual support

    31 languages are supported.

Features for Guest
  • 05

    City map

    A built-in map app gives guests directions to their destinations.

  • 06

    App downloads

    Guests are free to download social media apps and any other apps they may wat to use from Google Play.

  • 07

    LUXOS city guide

    This app provides guests with travel guides that are destination-specific, thereby adding a new level of excitement to their travel experience.

  • 08

    Erase data function

    This function ensures secure usage by allowing guests to erase all user data from the device (automatic, manual and remote).