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What is “Smart Select”-Choose your own amenities?

Chisun Hotels have launched a new service to enable our customers to choose a part of amenities for themselves during their stay with us.

To ensure a comfortable stay, we ask our customers to choose amenities they like from a selection of items we have provided.



Basic amenities customers can choose from

In addition to basic amenities, customers may also choose from original items of each hotel.


※ Hotels that provide coffee makers do not offer drip coffee.

Choose your own amenities “Smart Select” Amenity Station

Amenity Station is located at the lobby of each hotel.

Please use amenities of your choice during your stay.


●Example of Amenity Station setup                                                                   ●Example of available amenities



Choose your own amenities “Smart Select” Participating Hotels


Chisun Hotel Koriyama        ・Chisun Hotel Utsunomiya   ・Chisun Hotel Hamamatsucho   

Chisun Grand Nagano        ・Chisun Hotel Kobe     ・Chisun Hotel Hiroshima