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“Smart Select” for Amenity Selection

Smart Select is a type of service that allows guests to select rentable items and amenities they need during their stay.

A Smart Select station is installed in each hotel lobby.

The Smart Select style lets guests select their preferred amenities at the station. For rentable items, guests take a picture card of their desired item to the reception desk.

We hope you enjoy freely selecting combinations of your choice.



Offered Amenities

Certain amenities are normally available in the hotel rooms. Guests may freely select and request additional amenities at the station.


Photos are for illustrative purpose only.

Free Rental Service

Picture cards have been prepared for each rentable item. Please select the items you need.



Photos are for illustrative purpose only.


* The selection and number of amenities/rentable items vary with each hotel.
* The assortment of items offered is subject to change without advance notice.


Hotels with “Smart Select” for Amenity Selection