SOLARE HOTELS Website: About the Operating Environment for Making Accommodation Reservations

Thank you for using the Sorale Hotels website.
To ensure a comfortable experience when making accommodation reservations on our website, we kindly request that you use the following operating environments:

<OSX> *10.13 or later
Chrome / Firefox / Safari (latest version of each)

<Windows> *10 or later
Chrome / Firefox / Edge (latest version of each)

<iPhone> *iOS: 11.2 or later
Chrome / Safari (latest version of each)

<Android> *Android: 5 or later
Chrome / default browser (latest version of each)

*As of March 25, 2022

Please note that if you use an operating environment other than those listed above, the page may not be displayed correctly or you may not be able to make a reservation.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.