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Article 1(Name of Membership Program)+

The membership program operated by Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Solare”) is called the Solare Smileage Card.

Article 2(Content of Membership Program)+

Solare is a partner facility of Symons Point Services, operated by Symons Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Symons”). The Smileage Point Card uses Symons terminals and its system, and as one of the system’s benefits provides Solare Smileage Point Services, described in Article 6. Additional benefits are indicated in the membership application form described in the following article. Notification of any additions or changes will be provided on the Solare website.

Article 3(Definition of Member)+

Persons who agree to the Solare Smileage Card Terms & Conditions (hereinafter these “Terms & Conditions”), complete either the Solare Smileage Card membership application form prescribed by Solare (hereinafter the “Membership Application Form”) or the Membership Request screen on the Solare website, and are accepted by both Solare and Symons are called members (hereinafter “Members”).

Article 4(Registration Fee and Annual Fee)+

The Solare Smileage Card charges no registration fee or annual fee.

Article 5(Membership Card)+

  • New Members are issued a Solare Smileage Card (hereinafter “Membership Card”).
  • When using, please present the Members Card to the person in charge. If the Members Card is not presented, no points shall be awarded nor shall other benefits accrue.
  • The Membership Card must be presented when using the program; without it, neither points nor benefits can be awarded. Members should sign the back and manage the Membership Card to the best of their ability.The Membership Card is valid immediately and may be used only by the Member who has signed the card; it may not be transferred or loaned to any other party.
  • To take advantage of Symons Point Services, Members should present the Membership card in advance at Solare facilities (*excluding the Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa; hereinafter the same) and Symons partner facilities (bearing the Symons sticker and offering Symons Point Services, operated by Symons).
    Membership Card is can be used and valid at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities (hereinafter "the qualifying facilities") listed on our website ( Symons partner facilities (bearing the Symons sticker and offering Symons Point Services, operated by Symons; hereinafter "partner facilities" ) .

Article 6(Content of Solare Smileage Point Services)+

  • Solare Smileage Point Services (hereinafter “Point Services”) award points and, according to the number of points earned, benefits to Members presenting the Membership Card, based on these Terms & Conditions, when purchasing or using items or services (The payment of cancellation fees does not accrue points.hereinafter “services”) at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities.
  • Members using services at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities may earn and redeem points whether paying in cash or by credit card.
  • Services at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities that are eligible for points are described in the following items. Note that those described in Paragraph 4 are excluded.
    • (1) Members presenting the Membership Card may receive Point Services at all Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities.
    • (2) Payment methods for the use of services eligible for points are cash and any credit card or debit card accepted by Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities (excluding some credit/debit card that Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities otherwise stated).
  • Services at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities that are not eligible for points are described in the following items. Note that certain services described in the previous paragraph may not be eligible for points; these will be posted in advance on the Solare website.
    • (1) Merchandise coupons, gift coupons, postage stamps, revenue stamps, prepaid cards, tickets, and other types of cash voucher and gift-wrap fees excluded by Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities.
    • (2) Processing and repair fees, shipping fees, taxes, deposits, and other items excluded by Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities.
    • (3) Other items specified in advance by and indicated to Members at Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities.
    • (4) Reservations made via travel agencies or online at other than the Solare website.
  • The content of points awarded is described in the following items.
    • (1) Points equivalent to 1% are awarded for each payment of services, in principle, of 100 yen or more (in units of 100 yen; amounts less than 100 yen are discarded). The number of points awarded may vary at certain partner facilities.
    • (2) Points are awarded immediately for each use of services; however, in certain cases points may accrue on the following day or require additional time.
    • (3) Accumulated points may be used to pay for services at Solare facilities and partner facilities, with one point calculated as 1 yen. However, points may not be accepted as payment at certain partner facilities.
    • (4) In the event of a product return, Members should present the Membership Card and have points deducted. If points have already been redeemed and the balance would be negative, Members should note in advance that they may be required to make up the difference in cash.
    • (5) In the event that a system breakdown prevents the immediate awarding and redeeming of points, the calculation will be performed upon system recovery.

Article 7(Validity of Points)+

Points are valid until December 31 of the year following the day in which they were awarded. Points awarded from January 1, 2018 are valid until March 31, 2019.

Article 8(Other Point Redemption)+

Members may redeem points to make a social contribution. The procedure is prescribed separately.

Article 9(Changes in Membership Profile)+

When a change occurs in address, phone number, or other detail entered in the Membership Application Form or on the online Membership Request screen, Members should promptly notify the issuing facility of their Membership Card or the Solare Smileage Card Office. Profile details may also be changed via the Manage Profile screen on the Solare website.

Article 10(Purpose of Use of Personal Information)+

  • Solare and Symons will use personal information provided by Members upon registration in the Solare Smileage Card program only for the purposes described in the following items.
    • (1) To operate the Solare Smileage Card and determine the status of benefit use.
    • (2) To provide information related to products and services offered by Solare, Symons, and Symons partner facilities (including but not limited to via e-mail and direct mail).
    • (3) For market research and product development, including marketing analysis.
    • (4) As a means of selecting information for notification to Members.
    • (5) To provide Point Services (manage earned and redeemed points, and perform related office procedures).
    • (6) To provide notification of changes in and information related to the management of Point Services.
    • (7) To communicate with Members in the event of an emergency.
    • (8) To deliver prizes and other items.
  • Solare and Symons will not disclose or provide to third parties Members' personal information without their consent except as stated in the items below.
    • (1) In the event that the operation of certain services are outsourced, the minimum amount of information required will be provided to companies under contract to protect personal information.
    • (2) In the event that disclosure is required by law.
  • In outsourcing the operation of Solare Smileage Card and other services, Solare will select partners deemed to handle personal information appropriately and ensure this by stipulating in outsourcing agreements the necessary conditions regarding management of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, and prohibition of distribution and leakage.
  • In the event any of the following requests regarding personal information is received, Solare will respect the Member’s wishes and respond promptly and to the extent reasonable.
    • (1) Confirmation of content.
    • (2) Revision, update, and deletion.
    • (3) Retraction, in whole or in part, of agreement with Solare regarding the use of personal information (including the cessation of delivery of e-mail and direct mail).
  • Inquiries concerning the disclosure, revision, deletion, or cessation of use of personal information may be directed to the contact points given in Article 15.

Article 11(Card Reissuance)+

Membership Cards, in principle, are not reissued in the event of loss or theft. A card may be reissued only in cases approved by Solare, such as a defect in the magnetic stripe. To apply for reissuance, Members should present identification (driver’s license, etc.) and follow procedure in person at the issuing facility.

Article 12(Notification of Lost/Stolen Cards and Withdrawal from Membership)+

In the event that a Membership Card is lost or stolen, or if Members wish to withdraw from membership, they should promptly contact the issuing facility or the Solare Smileage Card Office and follow procedure. Note that any accumulated points will be deleted and forfeited. Members shall bear responsibility for any points used by a third party; neither Solare nor Symons nor partner facilities shall bear any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 13(Loss of Membership Qualification and Point Expiration)+

Membership qualification may be rescinded in any of the following circumstances. Note in advance that all points will expire and no notification will be provided.

  • (1) If false declarations were made when applying for membership.
  • (2) If the Member is unreachable at the address or phone number provided.
  • (3) If payment of lodging or other fees is not received in accordance with lodging agreements.
  • (4) If harm or damage is caused to hotel customers, the hotel (hotel equipment or facilities, facilities attached to the hotel, structures within hotel premises, etc.), or hotel employees.
  • (5) If the membership program’s reputation is damaged or order is disrupted.
  • (6) If lodging agreements or usage regulations are not honored.
  • (7) If criminal acts are confirmed to have taken place.
  • (8) If the Member belongs to or is involved with organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, individuals or companies involved with organized crime groups, or any other antisocial force.
  • (9) If any other circumstances arise that are deemed inappropriate by the Solare Smileage Card Office.

Article 14(Withdrawal from Membership)+

Members may withdraw from membership in any of the following circumstances. All points will expire.

  • (1) If the Member requests to withdraw from membership.
  • (2) If three years elapse since the Solare Smileage Card was last used.
  • (3) If the Member dies.

Article 15(Contact Points for Inquiries)+

Points earned are, in principle, indicated on receipts issued by Solare qualifying facilities and partner facilities; however, Members may also track their points on the Internet. Inquiries concerning this agreement are accepted at card issuing facilities and the Solare Smileage Card Office. Inquiries concerning the redemption of points for social contribution and concerning membership registration are accepted at Solare and at the Symons Customer Center.

Article 16(Revision and Termination of Terms & Conditions and Membership Benefits)+

  • These Terms & Conditions and membership benefits are subject to change, modification, and termination without prior notice to Members. Members should consent to this condition in advance.
  • Point Services are subject to suspension or termination, in whole or in part, without prior notice to Members for any of the following reasons. Solare shall bear no responsibility for loss or damage caused to Members or third parties for any reason whatsoever.
    • (1) Maintenance, inspection, or upgrade of the equipment and system used to provide Point Services.
    • (2) Provision of Point Services is prevented by a fire, electrical outage, or natural disaster.
    • (3) Telecommunication services become unavailable.
    • (4) Any other operational or technical reason for which it is necessary to suspend or terminate Point Services, and any unforeseen circumstance that Solare deems will prevent the provision of Point Services. Solare shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for damage caused to Members by the loss or alteration of information registered or provided in relation to Point Services due to telecommunication reasons.
  • In the event that a Member infringes upon the rights of third parties in relation to the use of Point Services, the Member shall resolve any dispute at their own responsibility and expense; neither Solare nor Symons shall bear any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 17(Termination of Membership Program)+

Smileage Card points will no longer be awarded after 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2018, and the program will be terminated as of 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2019. Points may be used up to the time the program is terminated (11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2019). However, members may continue to use the Symons Point Service operated by Symons after this time (the terms of use for the Symons Point Service are determined by the contractual relationship between Symons and the member, including the terms and conditions of the service and user policy, and Solare will have no involvement going forward).

Article 18(Governing Law)+

These Terms & Conditions are governed by Japanese law. * The Solare facility indicated in the note (*) in Article 6 Paragraph 4 is as of November 1, 2012. Although the hotel is operated by Solare, it may be excluded from Solare facilities in future.

The unauthorized use or recording of this Agreement is prohibited.

Amended on August 1, 2018


Solare Smileage Card Office  


* Responses to inquiries by e-mail may require some time. For urgent inquiries, please contact the phone number below. (Japanese lanquage only)

* When sending an inquiry by e-mail, please include the following information.

(1) Content of inquiry (Examples: Forgot membership number, forgot password, withdrawal from membership, unsubscribe to newsletter)

(2) Your name

(3) Your membership number (if unknown, your registered phone number)

[Tel] +81-3-6858-9990 [Hours] 11:00–18:00 JST (excluding weekends, holidays, and New Year holidays)

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* The Smileage Card Office can respond only to inquiries related to Smileage Card membership. Please direct inquires related to reservations directly to your preferred hotel.