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Smileage Card

>>Notice of Termination of Smileage Card Membership Program<<


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Smileage Card.


Where can I use the Smileage Card?

You can use your Smileage Card throughout the Solare Hotels & Resorts chain until March 31, 2019. And at facilities bearing the Symons sticker. Have a look at the Symons website (Japanese only) for a list of facilities. The shops and restaurants that accept Smileage Cards span a broad range of categories, giving you many opportunities to earn points.

* Certain products and services are not eligible for points. For details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

When do I start earning points?

You start earning points for lodging and dining starting on the day your card is issued.

How do I earn points?

You earn one point for every 100 yen you spend. Be sure to present your Smileage Card at the cashier.

* Certain partner facilities may award a different number of points.

When can I start using the points I've earned?

You can start using points on the day* you earn them. Be sure to present your Smileage Card at the cashier. One point is calculated as 1 yen.

* Certain partner facilities may require additional time to use points earned.

When do my points expire?

Points are valid until December 31 of the year following the day in which they were awarded.
Points not used within this period will expire automatically.

* Track your points approaching expiry.

Are the points I use reflected on receipts?

Receipts issued at hotels and restaurants of Solare Hotels & Resorts will reflect the total amount of payment, including the points you used.

* Certain hotels may have different rules. Please check when paying.

How do I track my points?

You can track your points online.
Log in to your Smileage Card account on Simon's official website and displayed on the screen.


Can anyone join the Smileage Card program?

Yes, anyone can join the program.

* For details, please refer to theTerms & Conditions.

How do I join the program?

You can join the program via the Solare website or at any Solare hotel. For details, inquire at the front desk.

How long does it take for the card to arrive?
Can I earn points before mine arrives?

Your card will arrive by post within two or three days after you apply. Delivery may take a few more days depending on where you live and on transport circumstances. We’re sorry: points cannot be awarded if the Smileage Card is not presented at check-in.

Membership Profile

What do I do if I have lost or want to change my password?

Click here if you have forgotten your password.
Click here if you wish to change your password.

What do I do if a confirmation e-mail doesn’t arrive?

You may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. Please check your registered e-mail address on the Manage Profile screen.
In principle, we recommend that you register a computer-based e-mail address. If you have registered a mobile phone-based address, please check your e-mail settings. Your phone may be set to reject messages from unknown senders or those over a certain size.
If a confirmation e-mail still does not receive, please contact us at

Reservations for New Members

I’ve just joined the Smileage Card program and want reserve a room today. Who should I contact? Will I earn points right away?

Same-day reservations can be made via the Solare website or by phone at your preferred hotel. Please inquire at the front desk whether you can earn points. We’re sorry: points cannot be awarded if the Smileage Card is not presented at check-in.


Solare Smileage Card Office 



* Responses to inquiries by e-mail may require some time. For urgent inquiries, please contact the phone number below. (Japanese lanquage only)

* When sending an inquiry by e-mail, please include the following information.

(1) Content of inquiry (Examples: Forgot membership number, forgot password, withdrawal from membership, unsubscribe to newsletter)

(2) Your name

(3) Your membership number (if unknown, your registered phone number)

[Tel] +81-3-6858-9990 [Hours] 11:00–18:00 JST (excluding weekends, holidays, and New Year holidays)

* Japanese lanquage only


* The Smileage Card Office can respond only to inquiries related to Smileage Card membership. Please direct inquires related to reservations directly to your preferred hotel.