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Smileage Card

>>Notice of Termination of Smileage Card Membership Program<<


Methods of Registration

The Smileage Card requires free membership registration. Completing an application is simple online.


Online registration


* The Smileage Card is sent by post only to addresses in Japan. If your registered address is outside Japan, please pick up your card at the hotel upon check-in.

* A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address; however, until the e-mail arrives, please write down your membership number.

* Once an e-mail address is registered, it cannot be reused to complete a new application.

* If a confirmation e-mail does not arrive, you may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. Please check your registered e-mail address on the Manage Profile screen. If your e-mail address was entered correctly and a confirmation e-mail still does not arrive, please contact us by e-mail at

* If you have registered a mobile phone-based e-mail address, please check your e-mail settings. Your phone may be set to reject messages from unknown senders or those over a certain size.

* The Smileage Card is sent from the Smileage Card Office. Your card will arrive within two or three days after you apply. Delivery may take a few more days depending on where you live and on transport circumstances.

* Points cannot be awarded if the Smileage Card is not presented at check-in (if the card has not arrived by then).

* Points on multiple cards registered under the same name cannot be combined.

* Points may be tracked on the Solare website about one month after membership registration. Until then, please direct inquiries to the Smileage Card Office.


Solare Smileage Card Office 



* Responses to inquiries by e-mail may require some time. For urgent inquiries, please contact the phone number below. (Japanese lanquage only)

* When sending an inquiry by e-mail, please include the following information.

(1) Content of inquiry (Examples: Forgot membership number, forgot password, withdrawal from membership, unsubscribe to newsletter)

(2) Your name

(3) Your membership number (if unknown, your registered phone number)

[Tel] +81-3-6858-9990 [Hours] 11:00–18:00 JST (excluding weekends, holidays, and New Year holidays)

* Japanese lanquage only


* The Smileage Card Office can respond only to inquiries related to Smileage Card membership. Please direct inquires related to reservations directly to your preferred hotel.