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SOLARE POINT Information

Our Company's Approach to Novel Coronavirus Infection


Together with customer safety and security.
We are doing what we can to provide a safe environment for as many people as possible.

Requests to Customers

  • Request to Wear A Mask

    Please wear a mask in the building.

  • Social Distance

    Please cooperate in maintaining social distance (1m minimum) with other customers.

  • Addition of Hand Sanitizer

    We have several hand sanitizers in the building, so we ask for your cooperation in frequent hand antisepsis.

  • Checking Body Temperature and Health

    Please check your temperature and fill out a check sheet when you check in.

Efforts at the Hotel

  • Strengthening Disinfection in The Building

    We thoroughly disinfect public areas, equipment in guest rooms, and rental items.

  • Ventilation in The Facility

    Our facilities, including guest rooms, public areas, restaurants and banquet halls, are regularly ventilated.

  • Restrictions Number of Customers

    We may temporarily limit the number of guests in our facilities.

  • Thorough Use of Masks, Hand Washing, and Disinfection

    All employees are required to wear masks and wash and disinfect their hands frequently.

  • Checking Employee Temperature and Physical Condition

    All employees are thoroughly monitored for their health by checking their temperature before work and setting standards for the occurrence of sick persons.

  • Guidance to Employees

    We provide thorough hygiene guidance and education to our employees.

Solare will continue to provide services that only we can provide in the future, giving top priority to the safety and security of our customers and employees.