Terms & Conditions

Article 1(Name of Member Program)+

The name of the member program operated by Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Solare") shall be known as the "Solare Smileage Card."

Article 2(Content of Member Program)+

Under the Solare Smileage Card program, Solare is a member shop in the Symons Point Service, operated by Symons Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Symons"), and Solare uses Symons terminals and systems to benefit members through the provision of the Solare Smileage Point Service, with content as provided in Article 6. Additionally, the content of benefits shall be as indicated in the membership application form described in the following article. Notifications of any additions or changes shall be provided on the Solare website.

Article 3(Definition of Members)+

Members shall be defined as those persons who, upon agreement with the Solare Smileage Card Terms & Conditions (hereinafter, "this Agreement"), complete the Solare Smileage Card membership application form (hereinafter, "Membership Application Form") prescribed by Solare or complete the Web Membership Application screen on the Solare website (hereinafter, "Members").

Article 4(Membership Fees and Annual Fees)+

No membership fees or annual fees shall be charged for the Solare Smileage Card.

Article 5(Member Card)+

  • A Solare Smileage Card (hereinafter, "Members Card") shall be issued to customers who have become Members.
  • When using, please present the Members Card to the person in charge. If the Members Card is not presented, no points shall be awarded nor shall other benefits accrue.
  • Members shall sign the Members Card in the signature space on the back, and shall manage the Members Card as good managers. The Members Card shall be used only by the Member who has signed the card upon receipt and may not be assigned or loaned to any other party.
  • In order to take advantage of the Symons Point Service, members shall present the Member card in advance at Solare facilities (Note: Excluding Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa; hereinafter, the same)  and Symons member shops. (Member shops are defined as shops operating under the Symons Point Service operated by Symons and bearing a Symons-designated sticker).

Article 6(Content of the Solare Smileage Point Service)+

  • The Solare Smileage Point Service (hereinafter, the "Point Service") is a service whereby Members who have been issued a Members Card based on this Agreement may purchase items or make use of services provided (hereinafter, "Services Provided") that enable Members to earn points at Solare facilities and member shops, and under which system benefits are provided according to the number of points received.
  • Members may be awarded points or savings when paying for Services Provided at Solare facilities and member shops, whether paid in cash or by credit card.
  • Members shall be awarded points for Service Provided at Solare facilities and member shops in the event that the following items are satisfied.
    • (1) The Point Service using the Members Card may be used at all Solare facilities and member shops.
    • (2) The method of payment for Services Provided at Solare facilities and member shops that provide points shall be in cash or by any credit or debit cards handled by Solare facilities and member shops (except where excluded by Solare facilities and member shops).
  • Service Provided for which points will not be granted at Solare facilities and member shops are as provided in the following items.
    • (1) Merchandise coupons, gift coupons, postage stamps, documentary stamps, prepaid cards, tickets and other types of money or monetary equivalents that are excluded by Solare facilities and member shops.
    • (2) Processing or repair fees, transportation, taxes, deposits and other such items that are excluded by Solare facilities and member shops.
    • (3) Other items specified beforehand by Solare facilities and member shops and indicated to Members at shops at other facilities.
    • (4) Room reservations made via travel agencies or Internet sites other than the Solare website.
  • The content of points granted shall be as provided in the items below.
    • (1) The payment for Services Provided shall in principle be 100 yen or more (in units of 100 yen; amounts of less than 100 yen are discarded), with points granted in an amount equivalent to 1%. In some instances, the number of points granted at certain member shops may differ.
    • (2) Points shall be granted for each instance of Services Provided. In some cases, however, points may accrue on the following day or require additional time.
    • (3) Accumulated points may be used in place of cash in exchange for a portion of Services Provided at Solare facilities and member shops. In such cases, 1 point shall be exchanged for 1 yen. However, the use of accumulated points may not be possible at certain member shops.
    • (4) In the event that products that have been purchased are returned after Services Provided, the Members Card shall be presented and the number of points already granted shall be subtracted. In the event that points have already been redeemed and the number of accumulated points is negative, Members should understand beforehand that they may be required to make up the difference in cash.
    • (5) In the event of a system breakdown when points are being added or subtracted resulting in a situation where points cannot be added or subtracted, such addition or subtraction shall be conducted upon system recovery.

Article 7(Period of Validity for Points)+

The period of validity for points shall be until December 31 of the year following the year in which the points were granted.

Article 8(Other Point Redemption)+

Members may redeem their points to make social contributions. The method for redeeming points for social contribution is prescribed separately.

Article 9(Modification of Information Belonging to Members)+

When modifying addresses, telephone numbers or other information belonging to members that has been submitted in the membership application form or entered in the Web Membership Application screen, Members shall promptly notify the shop issuing the Members Card or the Solare Smileage Card Secretariat and perform procedures to make such modifications. These modifications may also be made via the Update Member Information screen on the Solare website.

Article 10(Purpose of Use, etc., for Personal Information)+

  • Solare and Symons may use the personal information registered upon Solare Smileage Card enrollment only for the purposes described in the following items.
    • (1) To operate the Solare Smileage Card or determine the status of benefit use.
    • (2) To provide information related to products and services offered by Solare and Symons or Symons member shops (including but not limited to e-mail and direct mail).
    • (3) For market research and product development, including marketing analysis.
    • (4) As a means for selecting the content of information for notification to Members.
    • (5) To execute point services (management of earned points, management of point usage and conducting other office procedures)
    • (6) To provide notification of changes in Point Service content, as well as of other information related to managing the Solare Point Service.
    • (7) To communicate with customers in the event of emergency.
    • (8) To deliver prizes and other items.
  • Solare and Symons may not disclose or provide to third parties Members' personal information without their consent, except as stated in the items below.
    • (1) The provision to companies handling office functions that have pledged to protect personal information of the minimum amount required to perform outsourced operations for services prescribed to members.
    • (2) In the event that disclosure is required by law.
  • In order to outsource operations considered necessary for the provision of Solare Smileage Card and other services, Solare shall select outsourcing partners that have pledged to handle personal information appropriately, and in outsourcing agreements shall stipulate necessary conditions regarding the management of personal information, the maintenance of confidentiality, the prohibition of further provision and the leakage of personal information, and shall manage such partners appropriately.
  • In the event that Solare receives the following requests from Members whose personal information it manages, Solare shall respect Members' wishes and respond promptly and to the extent reasonable.
    • (1) Confirmation of content.
    • (2) Revision, updates and deletion.
    • (3) The retraction, all or in part, of personal information that has already been agreed upon with Solare (including the cessation of direct mail and e-mail delivery).
  • For inquiries involving the cessation of use of personal information disclosure, revision or deletion, please communicate with the point of contact for inquiries, indicated in Article 15.

Article 11(Card Reissuance)+

In the event that a Members Card is lost or stolen, in principle the Members Card may not be reissued. However, the card may be reissued if Solare confirms that the Members Card's magnetic stripe has become unusable. For reissuance, Members should present their identification card (license or similar) to a shop that reissues Members Cards and follow procedures.

Article 12(Notification of Lost/Stolen Cards or Withdrawal from Membership)+

In the event that a Members Card is lost or stolen, or if Members wish to withdraw from membership, they should communicate promptly with a shop issuing members cards or the Solare Smileage Card Secretariat and follow procedures. In this situation, any accumulated points will be lost. Also, Members shall bear any responsibility in the event that Members' points are used by a third party; neither Solare or Symons or member shops shall bear any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 13(Loss of Member Qualification and Point Expiration)+

Member qualification may be rescinded in the following cases. In this event, all points will be lost. Also be aware that in such cases, no notification will be provided.

  • (1) False declarations when applying for membership
  • (2) If unreachable at the address or telephone number provided.
  • (3) In the event that payment for lodging or other fees is not received in accordance with lodging agreements.
  • (4) In the event that harm or damage is caused to hotel customers, the hotel (hotel equipment or facilities, facilities attached to the hotel, hotel structures, etc.) or hotel employees.
  • (5) In the event that the Member's good name is besmirched or that a Member runs afoul of the law.
  • (6) In the event that that lodging agreements or usage regulations are not honored.
  • (7) In the event that criminal acts are confirmed to have taken place.
  • (8) Involvement with organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups or companies involved with or people in charge of organized crime or other antisocial groups.
  • (9) Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Solare Smileage Card Secretariat.

Article 14(Withdrawal of Membership)+

Any of the following circumstances shall be regarded as the withdrawal of membership, and all points held shall be lost.

  • (1) The Member applies to withdraw from membership.
  • (2) Three years have elapsed since the Solare Smileage Card was last used.
  • (3) The Member has died.

Article 15(Point of Contact for Inquiries)+

In principle, Members' cumulative number of points earned are indicated on receipts issued by Solare facilities and member shops. However, members may also view this information on the Internet. Also, inquiries regarding this agreement can be handled at shops issuing Members Cards or the Solare Smileage Card Secretariat. Inquiries regarding redemption for the purpose of social contribution or concerning Member registration should be directed to Solare or Symons customer centers.

Article 16(Revision or Abolition of Terms & Conditions and Benefits)+

  • Changes in bylaws and benefits Benefits under this Agreement are subject to change, revisions or abolition, without prior notice to Members. Members shall consent to this condition in advance.
  • Conditions for provision of service
    For any of the reasons described below, Solare may discontinue in whole or in part its provision of Point Service without prior notification. In such cases, Solare shall bear no responsibility to Members or third parties, for any reason whatsoever.
    • (1) Maintenance, inspection or upgrades to facilities and systems used to provide the Point Service.
    • (2) Provision of the Point Service becomes problematic, owing to fire, electrical outages natural disasters or similar.
    • (3) Telecommunication service providers become unable to provide services.
    • (4) In the event that it becomes necessary for Solare to temporarily interrupt or cease to provide the Point Service for other operational or technical reasons, or if Solare deems the provision of the Point Service to have become problematic due to unforeseen conditions. Furthermore, Solare shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for damages in the event that information registered or provided in relation to the Point Service is lost or altered as a result of telecommunication circumstances.
  • Infringement by Members of third parties' rights In the event that Members infringe upon the rights of third parties in relation to the use of the Point Service, Members shall resolve any such responsibilities and expenses of their own accord, and neither Solare nor Symons shall bear any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 17(Cessation of Member Program)+

In the event of cessation, Solare Smileage Card shall notify Members of such action in advance.

Article 18(Governing Law)+

Japanese law shall be the governing law for this Agreement.
Note: The Solare facilities indicated in the note to Item 4 of Article 5 of this agreement are as of November 1, 2012. Be aware that although being hotels operated by Solare, there may be changes in facilities excepted as said Solare facilities.

The unauthorized use or recording of this Agreement is prohibited.

Updated November 1, 2012

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