Use the Smileage points you've built up at all Solare facilities, like rooms, restaurants,banquet and spas.


  • Use any Solare facility

    Always show your Smileage card.

  • Earn points as you spend!

  • Use your points the next time at Solare.

  • Earn one Smileage point per 100 yen.
  • One point means one yen you can use.
Check your points


You can earn points in many ways – at any of the hotels operated by Solare Hotels and Resorts.

Apply the points you earn at neighborhood restaurants to hotel stays when you travel. You can also use Symons points at different types of member shops. And of course, you earn points regardless of whether you pay by cash or credit card.

Solare Hotels and Resorts
Solare Hotels and Resorts

For example,

  • Use the points you earn while staying with us on business at a pub in a nearby Solare group hotels.

Earning Smileage card points

  • Earn points when you make a reservation through the Solare Hotels and Resorts website.
  • When you call for a reservation, earn points at member rates and using special coupons.
  • WAt hotel restaurants, earn points when you buy a breakfast coupon.
    Check with your hotel for details.
  • You generally do not earn points when you book via a travel agency.
  • Points are not awarded at hotel shops, or for massages or pay TV charges.
  • You can earn points with some hotel-specific facilities and services.
  • You can check the points you've earned, beginning from around a month after you join.
    If you want to check right away, just contact the Smileage Card Office.

Note: Certain facilities in the Solare Hotels and Resorts chain do not participate in the point program.

Keeping You Informed

Solare Smileage Card Office.
[ E-mail ]

Open on weekdays, from 9am to 6pm (not open on weekends or holidays)

Note: Solare Smileage Card Office connot answer the questions other than those related "Smileage Membership".  Please contact the hotel directly for any questions related your reservation, such as confirmation of your booking, change of arrival time, extending or shortening yor stay, etc.